Global Logistics

International Exports & Deliveries

The supply chain of SWISSONE MEDICAL begins with our qualified producers some of which are our partners and others are OEM producers located in Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Europe. For SWISSONE MEDICAL products distributed in Europe, we export to our own warehouses located in Frankfurt, Germany. For all other destinations, they are either transported directly to the customer or are stored in one of our contracted warehouses located around the world.


We supply our partners worldwide with our premium products.

B2B Clients

Our trading partners receive the entire fulfillment service from us.


Medical facilities are supplied individually to ensure availability.

EU Standards

Incoterms 2021

Premium Packaging

supply chain

Production Factory Audit

In each country in which we obtain our products, we utilize a qualified, regulated and authoritative institution to secure our standards. With most of our producers, we establish our own teams within their organization to guarantee our production standards, create synergistic relationships to further our R&D efforts and expand our product lines. All products we are producing fulfill all necessary authorizations internationally.

Inspections by SGS, Bureau Veritas & Other Accredited Inspectors

Checkpoints are part of our security mechanisms that are required by accredited inspectors and international companies to ensure complete transparency and responsibility.

Air Cargo & Sea Freight

We as SWISSONEMED only work with the leading transportation companies due to high insurance securities, leading performance, and international organization and presence.

Products Arrive

Immediately after our products arrive and pass through customs, they are delivered to our warehouses or storage facilities of our clients.

Dedicated Transportation

We have arranged cooperation with the world’s leading air cargo and sea freight companies providing exclusive access for transportation to almost every country in the world.

Sea Freight

Air Cargo

Truck Transportation

Worldwide Warehousing Services

We have secured partnerships with the leading warehousing companies around the world. By leveraging their resources, we can safely and securely store our products. This allows us to easily distribute our goods anywhere in the world in a fraction of the time it takes to typically ship. Challenging times are opportunities for creativity, growth, and transformation




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