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Our purpose to be is to provide the best personal health prevention and protection against diseases for a healthier world. We are seeing the true need, for easy accessibility, of high quality, high demand products in the category of PPE. Existing market structures and market players were not able to satisfy these needs.







SWISSONEMED reflects the highest standards in product quality and business relationships, grounded in competence, leading a new way of doing business with a unique structure and process in place, securing success and precise results from the start while being human-centric, respectful, reliable, always responsible and always there for you.
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Our Brand Values

Our Values. What We Value.

We Are Aware

about the true needs of the human to protect both their physical & mental health.

We Are Equal

and believe in equality for the fundamental human right of health and life.

We Are Responsible

and acting responsibly in discovering new answers for these essential needs and rights.

We Are Relevant

and we are the brand to access the most relevant product range in the PPE Category.

We Are Joyful

and enjoy life as much we enjoy our business, and our unique and distinguished position.

We Are Ready For You

SWISSONE MEDICAL is prepared to deliver premium protective medical products.

The Premium Brand for
medical applications


The Standards We Set For Our Lives

It is a privilege to be a human being. The universe needs us. Proven by nature our existence and the human ability to survive as human species. The universe needs the valuable contribution of each one of us for its growth, expansion, and transformation. To be healthy is our natural state to stay healthy, our responsibility. We humans know quite well how to stay healthy and what needs to be done to protect our health. That is why this section is thought of as a reminder, focusing on why we should stay healthy and protect ourselves, preventing health issues and the resulting diseases. At SWISSONEMED, we see ourselves as an integral part of preventive medical health and protective healthcare. Going forward, we want to inspire you to stay healthy and thereby vital.

Healthy Eating

Eating is the main source of our physical energy, and Energy for Life. That’s why eating healthy is always in the first place, when it comes to addressing our health and how to preserve our health. Remembering our natural eating habits and a balanced diet does not only deliver the essential nutrition to our body, or additional fluids, it also boosts our Immune System and is responsible for our overall wellbeing. Fresh vegetables and fruits (living food), whole grains, legumes, nuts and lean meat, fish, vegetable oils are the priorities in a healthy nutrition, emphasizing the intake of fresh food and the gentle preparation and cooking of nourishment. Some essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are needed to be taken through food or/and supplements. For example, we lost our ability to synthesize Vitamin-C in our body as the top booster of our Immune System. Vitamin-C intake is essential to protect us from diseases, health issues and to support our body's healing process. An important indicator for our state of health is to maintain an optimal pH level of our blood (pH 7.35 – 7.45 slightly alkaline/basic). Eating healthy helps us to achieve this optimum pH level to prevent and protect our health, our vitality, and wellbeing.

Sports & Exercising

The more, we are disconnected from nature and natural physical exercise, the more, we need to find ways to satisfy our necessity for physical activity. We don’t necessarily, must become athletes for an active body. Exercises might start with simple stretching, breathing exercises or ground exercises at home, or a walk outside in the fresh air. Every one of us has the freedom to discover a preferred type and level of physical activity. The emphasis is to enjoy the activity chosen and do it regularly. Exercise strengthens the most important muscle we have, our heart, which strengthens our circulation, and our blood pumps more oxygen into our organs and brain. We feel more alert and energized, breathe and sleep better, stand and walk stronger, and reflect more beauty and vitality. This alone is enough reason to do it. Exercise is strengthening our immune system and preventing us from diseases, and other complicated health issues. Exercise is strengthening our cognitive wellbeing, is leading to an ‘I-feel-good’ effect, and a calming effect on our nervous system, and thus on our mind. Our Peace of Mind.

Sleeping Well

One-third of our life we allocate to sleep. This enormous share of our life and day shows how important sleep is for us humans. It is our most natural physical repair and regeneration function. Sleep helps us regulate the amount of energy our body needs to maintain itself, while sleeping we are lowering our need for oxygen, lowering our heart rate, relaxing our muscles, and lowering our brain function towards and normal unconsciousness level. Our body produces during sleep and a bio-chemical process the ‘Growth Hormone’. A hormone that makes us younger. Sleep is nature's gift to us, our opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate our body and mind, to have the vitality we need to enjoy and master our life.

Communal Relationships

The most basic and elemental relationship is the one with ourselves. The word ‘relation’ gives us a hint. Relating is connecting, corresponding, restoring coming back to ourselves. Finding ourselves is the beginning of all relationships and the healthiest one. Therefore, the journey starts from our inner world to ultimately experience our instinct to live as a social animal in interaction with our outer world, as a social being. The first communal relationship starts naturally with the mother-child interaction. A relationship that is primarily governed by consideration of the other’s needs. Without any expectation of exchange and getting something in return. This example of a communal relationship is our first most powerful experience and learning. This interaction might be supported by the father and/or other family members. The older a child becomes, the more it seeks to get satisfying not only its needs but also its wishes, exclusively. The reason is physiological, based on the development of the brain cortex, the infant experiences its individuality, which later becomes our personality-driven ego. The ego-centric approach or even the human interaction based on exchange, contrasts with a communal relationship. Today we have more than ever the need to re-discover our human value, our natural ability to be in communal relationships, and care for the sake of others. This is possible by caring for yourself first and be at peace with yourself, now you can authentically be considerate to your relationships, be it your romantic partner, your family, your business partners, your community, or the world community.

Sexual Health

First, we are sexual beings. Our sex drive is the primary force, activated by our instincts for reproduction to ensure the survival of the human species. Our sexual energy is equal to our life energy. Does not sound very romantic though, beyond the biological facts, we human are having the ability to enjoy sex, experience, and express ourselves as sexual beings in our sexuality as an integral part of a healthy personality. Sexual health is vital to our overall wellbeing, our physical and mental health. As much we must get educated from a young age on how we are, protecting ourselves against sexually transmitted infection and diseases or against unhealthy behavior by others, it is elemental to discover to enjoy a healthy, balanced long, and fulfilled sexual life. As in all types of human interaction and relationships, this one also starts with a harmonic appreciation of our own body, mind, and spirit. Staying conscious in our bodies, having the ability to nurture ourselves, and honoring our self-worth and self-respect, translates naturally to respect our partner, our partner's values, and be considerate of our partners' needs is our path to a balanced and healthy sexuality.

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the best things we can do for our overall well-being, our physical and mental health. Water is elemental for nature's balance and therefore for the balance of our nature as well. Water enables our entire body, and its biochemical and bio-electronical systems and organs to work properly. Starting with the heart, the brain, and our muscles our movement apparatus. Water regulates our body temperature, delivers essential nutrition to our cells for them to function well, detoxifies and it deacidifies us. When we are thirsty, it is our body’s warning system telling us that we are dehydrating. To prevent dehydration and to ensure vital body functions work holistically, it is smart to stay hydrated gradually throughout the day, drinking water and eating fruit and vegetables that are rich in water. Staying hydrated - staying healthy.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is symbolic of our addictions. We describe addictions with separate labels; whether we call it an addiction or substance abuse does not matter. It makes no difference if you are addicted to nicotine, alcohol, sex, online shopping, chocolate, or overeating –the list goes on and on. Addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder, meaning that we as humans have a genetic predisposition for addiction, triggered by our lifestyle choices and social environment. Disorder means out of order, or in discord. Most of the above-mentioned addictions bring momentary pleasure but are destructive in the long run and dangerous to our mental and physical health. Addictions are grounded in the addiction to dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a molecule that carries messages across the brain’s reward center., giving us the feeling of pleasure and activating our instinct and motivation to survive. Even after a long-term addiction, the behavior or substance may not trigger happiness or pleasure but might give a feeling of relief, which itself is the reason for our addictive habits. The areas described in this section ‘The standards we set for our lives are intended to inspire our overall well-being, our responsibility to rewire our nervous system in our favor by discovering its essence, and thus find the natural way to increase our dopamine levels. It is not about quitting smoking or another addiction, but about a new one: addiction to life itself and on being encouraged on our journey of becoming our true selves.

Body, Mind & Spirit

‘Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’ (a healthy mind in a healthy body) is an insight on the body-mind inter-connection and its impact on health holistically. The human body is our vessel to move through and on this planet. Our body itself is a universe, a living organism that controls our bio-chemical and bio-electrical processes to keep our metabolism working and us alive. Our spirit is born into our body, like a drop of water in the ocean, from the ocean. It’s our oneness, connecting us to the ultimate oneness. One key to being in frequency and aligned with the greater good is the awareness that body-mind-spirit is already one. Be encouraged to nurture your wellbeing and harmonic alignment with the one. Be encouraged to feel whole and excellent, it’s your natural state. Body, Mind, and Spirit are connected and naturally balanced, an overemphasis on one area for example the mind or the body is a reason to feel in dissonance. Our personal Oneness is based on the wisdom that ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Balancing is a life-long process to stay in the moment. Alignment exists only in the dimension of the now, the present is the only dimension of human creativity, resonance, health, and our source of life's abundance.

Emotional Health

Emotional health is the level of our ability on how we manage and express the emotions that arise from our experiences. Meaning it's de facto, it happened already and is in the past. Our experience of the Pandemic is showing itself in some negative emotions, mainly fear and anxiety (towards the unknown), the feeling of uncertainty, feeling threatened by our environment, and levels of depression (by depressing ourselves and our being). An over-dimensional focus on the past learnings and the future dimension is a reason for our discord and unease. To keep our mental health and wellbeing, we need our body, mind, and spirit to help us manage our emotions (and vice versa). Challenging times are opportunities for creativity, growth, and transformation. Time to allow ourselves to choose an attitude of appreciation, curiosity, and creative action within the flow of our unfolding life. Be encouraged to discover your conscious self and direct your conscious energy to your individual journey on this planet. Mastering your emotional health, joy and love for life, and a wonderful future which you are experiencing now, being present moment by moment.

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