Pandemic Prediction & Data Modeling System

Current Problem

The corona pandemic has shown in Germany and the rest of the world that there is often a lack of valid data to measure the pandemic situation quantitatively.

This applies to (daily) current data as well as to retrospective historical data - but even more so for forecasts based on valid data material.


Holistic Solutions For Everyone

SWISSONEMED is a company that develops, manufactures and sells innovative medical products with digital solutions to form integral, holistic solutions with a very high standard. The product portfolio ranges from digital in-vitro test management and certification systems, to the production of high-quality medical PcR/antigen/antibody tests, to various digital holistic tools.

Verified, Tested & Privacy Compliant Tools

The SWISSONEMED technologies are based on combinations of tools that have been tried and tested in practice and are certified by TÜV Rheinland Germany (DIGITALKEYCODE, DIGITALKEYCHECK, DIGITALKEYCHECKPLUS, DIGITALKEYPASS).

The use of anonomized patient identities enables compliant GDPR data protection standards, for example when tracking movement patterns.

Structured Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions
The digital in-vitro test management and certification systems (DIGITALKEYCODE & DIGITALKEYCHECK) certified by TÜV Rheinland are specially designed for the needs of companies of all kinds and for the protection of employees and their visitors.
Integrated & Unique QR Codes
More and more often in Europe, especially Germany and Switzerland, the presence of a current antigen and/or PCR rapid test result is required in addition to the pure admission control of the vaccination QR code.
Corona Warn App
SWISSONEMED's unique antigen tests (QR-CODE) based on the DIGITALKEYCODE system meet all the requirements of the Protection Exception Ordinance and enable the issuance of a test certificate that is valid throughout the EU and can be imported directly into the Corona-Warn-App.
Protect Yourself
By using DIGITALKEYCODE, employees are spared the detour and the waiting time at the test center. The risk of contamination in connection with the tests is significantly reduced. DIGITALKEYCODE has managed to go from "I have to test myself" to "I want to test myself".
Comprehensive Testing
With regard to setting up test infrastructures for SARS-CoV2, SWISSONEMED has a complete range of in vitro diagnostics (antigen tests, PCR tests, antibody tests, and more).
Predictive Modeling
These in vitro products depend on the pandemic situation and areas of application in connection with the digital tools DIGITALKEYCODE and DIGITALKEYCHECK to create the necessary data basis for the analysis of the current situation, for modeling and decisions based on it.
Anonymized Results
The anonymized results of these tests mentioned above could be delivered in an interface with local health centers in order to be able to have an overview of the infection process and, if necessary, take the proper protocols quickly and specifically.
Test Infrastructure
With the holistic solutions from SWISSONEMED, data protection and occupational safety as well as health protection have top priority and do not contradict each other.

Legally secure digital solutions are also in the interest of all parties involved.

All of our solutions are certified by TÜV Rheinland and are GDPR Compliant


The overarching goal of SWISSONEMED in 2022 is the completion of a digital platform that predicts the course of a pandemic through real-time detection of the virus through targeted and sustainable modelling.

The comprehensive use of SWISSONEMED Pandemic Solution Tools in Germany, Europe and globally will set the standard in the future for responsible, holistic action in a pandemic.

Simple and data-based assessment

SWISSONEMED ensures a simple and data-based assessment of the epidemic situation in daily practice for public health pandemic task forces. By detecting outbreaks quickly, local health authorities can identify early warning signs of an imminent outbreak, preventing potential damage to the community and economy. SWISSONEMED is always interested in working directly with state and local health authorities.

Real time virus detection

Our intention as SWISSONEMED is, as a real-time virus detection, documentation, prognosis and development tool, to show the infection dynamics in combination with the current implementation of the respective 1G/2G/2Gplus and 3G regulations and to draw conclusions in real time for the right decision-making in politics for the resilience of the healthcare system and public health as a whole.

Fighting pandemics means predicting pandemics

Only real-time measurement allows the necessary control of the measures against the pandemic. By acting efficiently and correctly as well as a holistic digital processes, we avoid unnecessary lockdowns and thus ensure a corona / pandemic-free life and work as well as the resilience of our society.

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