Swiss Based Company & Culture

We embrace Swiss ethical values, mutual respect, and responsibility towards our value chain universe (oneness and cooperation in business). Relevant and value-oriented – from natural resource suppliers, producers, distribution networks to our customers, the end consumer and the societies of the population of the world.

Worldwide Delivery of Essential Medical Personal Protective Equipment & Medical Devices

What makes us unique is our speed and flexibility, in connecting the leaders of the industry, for a flowing and sustainable business pipeline. Our business secret is our intention and our ability to balance the interests of all stakeholders of the Value-Chain (aligned with our philosophy of One-ness). With SWISSONE MEDICAL, you have the opportunity, to talk to the business owners and main decision-makers for your speed-to-market globally and your business impact.

Medical Facilities

By providing supplies directly to medical facilities, we keep our finger on the pulse and acquire exactly what is needed.


SWISSONE MEDICAL sells PPE and medical supplies directly to international wholesalers to ensure worldwide supply and distribution of the products needed.


We provide critical supplies to governments that include protective masks, gloves, testing kits, protective gowns and more.

Our Precise & Discernable Standards

There are many variations in quality standards that need to be met - ranging from state regulations, international certifications, governmental institutions, and more. SWISSONEMED ensures that all our products are ready-to-import to your country of destination.

State Regulatory Requirements

SWISSONEMED products are only manufactured by producers that fulfill all state regulatory requirements, both domestically & internationally, that are required to begin and realize the export & import process.

Audited by Accredited Institutions

Due to the sensitivity of medical products, we only use the most qualified auditors to ensure the quality of each product and that safety standards are met.

Demands of the Market

The geo-political situation has drastically shifted the needs of the market. We are prepared to meet the demands internationally with the ever-changing landscape of the current climate.

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