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Antigen Rapid Test Kit Series &
Premium Digital Solution

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Professional Use

Antigen Rapid Test

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Professional Use

Antigen Rapid Test
(Nasal Swab)

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Lay Use

Antigen Rapid Self-Test (Nasal Swab)

New Registration : CE 1434
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Antigen Rapid Test Series by

Digital Solution
by rapidoc


We Are The Digital Solution For Antigen Rapid Tests

Premium Antigen Rapid Tests Series

Turnkey Digital Verification Solution

Verified Quick Test Results

Unique QR Code For Each Antigen Test Kit

Privacy First Approach For Secure Results

For Corporations & Individuals

We Need To Fight Together Against All Types of Viruses.
Above All, We Need To Recognize Our Vulnerability
and Prevent This From Happening Again.


The Alliance

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Xiamen WIZBIOTECH CO in China, specializes in the fields of in vitro diagnostic reagent technologies and rapid diagnostic reagents and instruments. They are continually innovating and improving the detection of diseases, prevention & treatment levels to protect and enhance the general public. WIZBIOTECH is leading the way in these fields and has the highest quality standards for products designed to save lives. WIZBIOTECH’s company culture and long-term vision coincides with SWISSONEMED’s. The management of both companies has decided to create a synergistic partnership under the brand SWISSONEMED by WIZBIOTECH Worldwide.

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